1.Pay less for the use of electricity, steam and cooling.Concerning the production and infrastructure facilities
2. Streamline and maximize your plant’s energy utilization through a broad view of the various energy 
3. Operate in an environmentally efficient manner keeping 

ITEEO, a member of the El-Mor group, provides its clients with solutions in the fields of energy and industrial steam while giving an overall consideration to improved energy efficiency in keeping with the client’s needs.


The company specializes in planning, constructing, and maintaining  cogeneration based (CHP) power stations with capacity up to 16MW, and in supplying, installing, and maintaining steam boilers based on fire tubes, water tubes, and electricity. Our clients are commercial and industrial consumers — such as factories, hospitals, hotels, campuses, etc. — with an interest in saving energy costs.


ITEEO through its subsidiary AB Energy Israel — which is a strategic partnership with the Italian concern AB Holdings SPA —provides its clients with a full technological and professional solution, from the feasibility study phase and on through  the solution definition, overall design, and the supply of the cutting-edge technology and equipment.


As part of the comprehensive joint response, AB Energy Israel supports its clients with a reliable, professional O&M (Operations and Maintenance) service team at the world-class standard of the AB group, and stocks spare parts locally. In addition, the company can provide a complete financing plan for implementing cogeneration under a BOT or BOO model (“Build, Operate, Transfer” or “Build, Own, Operate”), depending on the client’s requirements.

In addition, ITEEO supplies, installs, and maintains steam boilers based on fire tubes, water tubes, and electricity.


The steam is produced from water that flows into a system of pipes which absorb heat from the adjacent burning of liquid fuel or gas. The pipes are a closed system in which the steam raises the temperature, the pressure, or both.


The AB Group, founded in Italy in 1981, leads the world in the fields of cogeneration and advancing renewable energy sources. It is active today in 21 countries around the world.


The company produces and develops solutions in the form of modular cogeneration units intended for installation outdoors and supplying up to 4.4 MW per unit. To date, more than 1200 units have been manufactured and installed by the company.AB also provides comprehensive solutions in biogas, biomass, and supplying energy and CO2 to greenhouses. The AB Group, together with ITEEO, is committed to a mission: to implement cogeneration system solutions that operate with top efficiency while remaining competitive, ethical, and fair.

We are committed, both as a company and as a group, to delivering our customers the most appropriate technological solution to the highest quality possible through the use of products from the cutting edge of global technology, while consistently providing speedy, professional service based on our readily available inventory.



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