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                  AB Group 

Founded in 1981 by Angelo Baronchelli, the AB industrial Group operates in the fields of cogeneration and the promotion of renewable energy sources.


The AB Group is a European benchmark company with modular solutions for outdoors and stations from 300 KW to 4.4 MW. Over 1200 plants have been built to date, amounting to 1500 MWe of installed power. Backed by innovative and courageous business decisions and driven by a real passion for the industry in which it operates, over recent years, the AB Group has enjoyed significant growth and major economic results. In the last years, production capacity has increased threefold and the number of employees has grown to over 700.


The AB Group is the only European industrial concern able to provide a truly all-round service in the cogeneration field, and represent a single interlocutor for the end customer, from project to service.


Energy efficiency is an increasingly more decisive factor for making companies competitive; above all, on a complex and dynamic international scenario, where challenges are also won by waging on the optimisation of internal processes.


Furthermore, responsibility towards the environment has become an integral part of "intelligent" marketing, aware of the role which environmental policies will play to an ever greater extent in the future.


On this scenario, cogeneration represents a strategic opportunity for many companies in various industrial sectors, as well as in the agricultural world, thanks to the promotion of biomasses for the production of biogas.


The AB Group therefore has a clear idea of the strategies required to cater for the expectations of industry and agricultural concerns, both anxious to grasp the profit opportunities of an "enlightened" business decision.Over the past thirty years, we have created a multi-disciplinary team made up of skilled people driven by passion.


This is the AB "secret" which has taken us to a lead position with major operating results and investments in facilities, means and professional expertise.


We at AB are committed to a mission: ensuring tomorrow's businesses consume less, are more efficient, competitive, virtuous and closely focused on our planet. 


                       BONO ENERGIA 

BONO ENERGIA, dedicated since 1958 to design, manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance of industrial boilers for standard and special applications: plug in solutions, package solutions, site erected plants.


Long lasting performance of the boilers are undertaken by efficient after sales service that offers original spare parts, maintenance activities, updating of the software, energy efficiency improving interventions and NOx reduction.


R&D department is committed to increase the efficiency of boilers and thermal plants: waste gas heat recovery and optimization of electric energy consumption.


Our internal Technical department provides process and mechanical design in compliance to PED, machinery and ATEX directives, GOST- R & RTN and SQLO certification; according to the following codes: ASME, European standards, AD 2000, BS 1113, Raccolte ISPESL.


Today our commitment is:

primary energy saving, energy efficiency's improvement, emission reduction, low impact environment solutions and keeping high energy efficiency during service lifetime of the plant.

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3 Hiozma St.

(Carmelim Building)

Tirat Carmel, Israel

POB: 2139, Zip: 3912002

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