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AB ENERGY ISRAEL from  AB ENERGY group, the world's largest and most experienced co-generation system manufacturer (up to 5MW). With over 1,200 installations in 19 countries around the world, with a total electrical capacity of over 1,500 MW.


The systems are manufactured, installed and maintained by us. We offer the  group's vast years of experience ,(established in 1981), the best knowledge and solutions in the field.


The company has a local spare parts warehouse at every site where the system is installed, as well as a central spare parts warehouse in Israel, the inventory is managed and defined by AB ENERGY's Global inventory management system, and there is also a central spare parts warehouse in Italy.


Our service system operates with  the highest standards, and our service technicians are highly trained staff who have long training process and subject to all necessary qualifications .


We also monitor all our systems 24x7 through the central AB ENERGY control room located in Italy, ensuring high availability for our hundreds of installations worldwide.


Our service vehicles are equipped with the most advanced and necessary equipment &  tools to ensure continuous, safe and regular on-site work.


AB ENERGY ISRAEL, as part of the global AB ENERGY corporation, is committed to providing professional, courteous and efficient service in accordance with AB ENERGY's service agreement.


We are committed to prompt and professional response to every customer inquiry. The company's customer service is active 24/7.


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